My projects

What I have worked on

Below, you will find a list of projects I worked on individually and with my previous company Infloat. Founded in 2017, Infloat was a blockchain boutique consultancy to help people and businesses understand and work with the technology. After two years, we finished 25 projects and 21 workshops, but we found that the type of work did not excite us any longer.

What I have worked on:

  • developed educational programs on blockchain technology and tokenization of assets for Universities in the Netherlands, which are used from school year 2019 - 2020 onwards;

  • created and validated new blockchain-based concepts, related to sustainable energy, circular economy, real estate, smart cities, co-working spaces, peer-to-peer funds and land ownership;

  • worked on public permissionless privacy-preserving blockchain for digital assets;

  • contributed to the development of one of the first MTF-regulated crypto exchanges;

  • helped a US-based wealth manager pioneer by structuring and filing the 3rd ever Regulation A qualification for a blockchain project with the SEC;

  • used blockchain technology and smart contracts for the issuance and transfer of financial instruments, such as shares and bonds;

  • helped business raise over 1 million euros for their blockchain-related endeavors;

  • built Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) with the workforce of the future;

  • educated businesses in the Netherlands, England, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, and the US on the applications and implications of blockchain technology;

  • developed a framework issuing a token to create sustainable blockchain ecosystems;

  • founded Finhash Network; a community and weekly newsletter on blockchain and finance, read by over 500 industry experts;

  • created and distributed freely available in-depth research reports, such as Tokenizing SME Equity in the Netherlands and the EEA.

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