Building a community of blockchain and finance experts

With Infloat, we started working on blockchain and finance projects in 2017. Back then, using blockchain technology for, for example, the issuance and management of SME equity was a topic that just started to be explored actively. Besides trying to understand what the opportunities and implications were, we also tried to get a grasp of the market and identify who was actively working on similar projects. Sharing knowledge and experience with these projects could help us avoid certain pitfalls and more effectively work around hurdles with, for example, regulators.

Ecosystem Overview

Finding these companies was hard, and we weren't the only company being annoyed by this. So we decided to tackle this issue and provide a solid overview of companies active in this specific crypto niche. We covered blockchains, exchanges, issuance platforms, venture capital firms, law firms, and more.

The early versions did fairly well. The website received significant traffic, which showed that this need indeed existed. However, it was a bit of a pain to keep the website up to date - and we weren't satisfied with the way things were going.

News on Blockchain and Finance

Simultaneously, we saw that there wasn't just a gap in terms of a project overview, but also a gap in terms of news. Surely, there are many crypto-related news websites. But these websites are for the masses, and don't specifically focus on the blockchain and finance niche. At that time, there just were no comprehensive blockchain and finance news platforms.

So we decided to start a weekly newsletter on blockchain and finance. At first, we mostly covered news related to blockchain for financial securities. Slowly but surely, we started to cover more topics of our interest, such decentralized finance (DeFi) and in-depth analyses of blockchain & finance projects.


Again, we created something of interest and we saw the number of followers grow. Eventually, we built an international community of hundreds of industry experts and readers. While the work took up quite some hours of the week, it had positive results on our business. Besides the increased brand awareness, we received invites for events and were offered speaking slots, and got introduced to relevant people and projects.

When we decided to sunset Infloat, we sold the concept to another company.


By far, most credits for setting up and running this projects go to my old business partner Jochem Gerritsen; a great guy and a fantastic writer. I strongly recommend to sign up for his newsletter via his website.