Blockchain technology, sustainability and the circular economy

Blockchain technology matters for many reasons, of which freedom and equality are among the most important ones.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are fascinating. Over the years, it has become more and more clear how this technology is important for freedom, independence and autonomy, as well as equality, inclusivity and trust.

Clearly, there are some superficial and non-sensical opinions and solutions on what the technology can achieve. Nonetheless, what the technology has enabled us to achieve in such a short time is undeniable and we're still in the very beginning of understanding what we can do with it. Much work is to be done on engaging people and businesses with its potential, mostly concerning the ability to redesign and optimize how the live, work and collaborate, and to regain control over our lives, decisions and assets.

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Blockchain, sustainability and the circular economy

We must move to a model - a society, an economy - that has sustainability rather than growth at its core. A model that, among others, does not operate on a linear make-use-waste system, but operates circular and aims to out-design waste, resource input and pollution. A model that is available and accessible to all, in where people are free, autonomous, independent, and in control of their own lives.

Blockchain technology's characteristics - e.g. decentralized, transparent, inclusive, equal, neutral, resilient, autonomous, collaborative - match extraordinary well with those of a circular economy, and a sustainable and inclusive society. Blockchain is a powerful tool and driver for change - both on a small local, scale as on a huge, global scale - and it will play a role in the sustainable society and economy we envision.

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